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EXECUTIVES AND Professionals SEarch in the province of Quebec

If you are looking for construction, real estate and manufacturing executives + professionals to strengthen the capacity of your business, you have come to the right place at Buildup Recrutement, because we provide unparalleled professional recruitment services in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec to meet your specific staffing requirements. You can count on our headhunting expertise for all the job vacancies in your company, whether you need to recruit executives, professionals, technical or administrative experts. 

Please contact us without delay for more details and our team will be happy to assist you.


Headhunting is the best way to find your next set of executives, professionals, administrative and technical support experts in the construction, real estate and industrial fields. The main purpose of headhunting is to find the best talent on the market, whether currently in employment or otherwise. We begin our search exclusively to cater to your needs. The process remains confidential and allows you to access 100% of the market.


  • We meet with you in order to establish the best "cultural and technical fit".
  • We determine some relevant companies in which we headhunt and define your HR Marketing.
  • We launch the search on LinkedIN, our database and our market contacts.
  • We call all the candidates in order to filter the '' fit '' as also their motivations.
  • We meet the 10 best retained candidates.
  • You meet the best candidate(s).
  • You choose your favourite.
  • We share the references.


We recruit executives and professionals for the following 6 sectors:

  • Construction

  • Real estate

  • Engineering

  • Architecture

  • Manufacturing


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the type of businesses we serve: 

  • Real-estate promoter/developer (client), specialties: multi-residential, commercial, industrial.

  • Architectural/design firms, specialties: multi-residential, commercial, industrial, institutional.

  • Engineering firms, specialties: laboratories, soil, structure, civil engineering, engineering structures, roads.

  • Contractor/general contractor (project manager), specialties: multi-residential, commercial, industrial, institutional. Sub-specialties: engineering structures, civil engineering, building.

  • Contractor/specialist contractor (fitter/installer), specialties: demolition, excavation, formwork, concrete structure, steel structure, wooden structure, roofing, doors and windows, exterior cladding, masonry, HVAC, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, interior systems, finishing carpentry, kitchen, bathroom.

  • manufacturing (manufacturer/distributor): demolition, excavation, formwork, concrete structure, steel structure, wooden structure, roofing, doors and windows, exterior cladding, HVAC, masonry, plumbing, air conditioning and heating, interior systems, carpentry finishing, kitchen, bathroom.

Head Hunting and Executive Recruitment

At Buildup Recruitment, we understand the importance of hiring people with the right qualification and experience to grow your business. If you are looking for skilled, experienced and highly qualified people for your business, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a CEO or suitable clients to take over your business, we are here to help.


Let us find the right candidate for your business. Explore the positions :

  • Future associate

  • Business takeover

  • Technical architect

  • Design architect

  • CEO

  • Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

  • Vice-President, Construction

  • Vice- President, Engineering

  • Vice- President, Concept

  • Vice- President, Design

  • Vice- President, Estimates

  • Vice- President, Building engineering

  • Vice- President, Civil engineering

  • Vice- President, Structural engineering

  • Vice- President, Engineering structures

  • Vice- President, Electrical engineering

  • Vice- President, Real-estate development

  • Vice- President, Finance

  • Vice- President, Human resources

  • Vice- President, Client servicing

  • Director, Engineering structures

  • Director, Electrical engineering

  • Director, Development

  • Director, Finance

  • Director, Human resources

  • Director, General

  • Director, Projects

  • Director, Sales & Marketing

  • Director, Engineering

  • Director, Technical

  • Director, Design

  • Director, Building engineering

  • Director, Structural engineering

  • Director, Construction

  • Director, Concept

  • Director, Workshop

  • Director, Estimates

  • Director, Civil engineering

Head Hunting and Recruitment of Professionals

  • Project manager, Building

  • Project manager, Civil engineering

  • Project manager, Engineering structures

  • Project manager, MEP

  • Project manager, Construction

  • Controller, Costs

  • Chief estimator, Construction

  • Chief estimator, Electrical engineering

  • Chief estimator, Building engineering

  • Chief estimator, Architecture

  • Estimator, Construction

  • Estimator, Engineering structures

  • Estimator, Electrical engineering

  • Estimator, Building engineering

  • Estimator, Architecture

  • Estimator, Civil engineering

  • Site engineer, Building

  • Site engineer, Civil engineering

  • Site engineer, Engineering structures

  • Project engineer, Building

  • Project engineer, Civil engineering

  • Project engineer, Engineering structures

  • Project coordinator

  • Project assistant

  • Technician, Civil engineering

  • Technician, Laboratory

  • Technician, Structure

  • Technician, Building engineering

  • Technician, Electricity

  • Technician, Architecture

  • Technologist, Architecture

  • Draughtsman

  • Interior designer

  • Rental manager

  • Maintenance manager

  • Land hunter

  • Superintendent

  • Foreman

  • Prevention officer

  • Urban planner

  • Notary

  • Lawyer

  • Accountant/Controller

  • Administrative assistant

  • Payroll master

  • Assembly line and operations

  • Engineering

  • Manufacture

  • Logistics

  • Transport

  • Supplies

  • 3PL

  • Health & Safety

  • Human resources

  • Quality

  • Mechanical & electrical design

  • Production

  • Distribution

  • Sanitation and hygiene

  • Lean six sigma

  • Warehouse

  • Process enhancement

  • Production and demand planning

  • Building management

  • Industrial and manufacturing sales

  • BPF specialist

  • Quality assurance

  • Research and development

  • Other types of related positions …


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Service Area

  • Partout au Québec - recrutement

  • Greater Montreal – Labour Hire

  • Throughout Quebec - Recruitment


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